Personalize any event with Chocolates from Barris Chocolates


Make something special out of any event with personalized and customized chocolates from Barris Chocolates. You can use our Chocolate letters to create any message you like or we can wrap chocolate bars with your printed wrappers. We just delivered 4 big boxes full of chocolate squares with customized wrappers for an event hosted by a local Call Center in ... Read More »

Get your personalized chocolates for any event


Get your customized chocolates for any events. Rush orders available. Thousands of chocolates ready for wrapping for event at Callcenter. We can customize them the way you want. Either use the chocolates to send a message or put a wrapper around a chocolate bar with your message or company logo. Get in touch with us know to make your event ... Read More »

Say I Love You with chocolates form Barris Chocolates


This is a very sweet way to say: I Love You. This box of 10 pcs of chocolates is made for a customer to give to his girlfriend on New Year’s Eve. What would you write in Chocolate for your girlfriend? Do not forget… Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Look out for the special Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Boxes from ... Read More »

Customized Chocolate for Corporate Give-aways


Say It With Chocolate! Is there any better or sweeter way to say Merry Christmas than with personalized chocolate? The best chocolate for corporate give-aways this Christmas are from Barris Chocolates… Call us now at 02 6969254 or 0927 642 6882 for more info on how you can make your Christmas Give-aways in to the sweets chocolate messages. Read More »

Personalized chocolate


We can personalize chocolate give-away in almost any way you like it. Of course, we do the usual personalized wrappers with print… But don’t you want something even better? How about chocolate letters that actually spell out you message? Now that is personal! We can customs the colors of the letters and the chocolate base and of course we also ... Read More »

Customized Chocolate Bars


A great new idea for customized chocolate. Now available at leading supermarkets. Our huge chocolate bars at 75g are only 99 pesos and comes with a variety of messages: Happy Birthday I love you Happy New Year Merry Christmas … and many more. If you would like to have customized chocolate bars with your own message or even your own ... Read More »

Halloween Chocolate Lollipops


The Halloween Lollipops have been a great success and we will come out with a large range of Christmas Chocolate Lollipops. They are great give-aways at only 25 pesos each. Read More »

Wacky Chocolates


Everybody loves Wacky – The Magic Worm. So we have teamed up with the guys behind the success of Wacky and will be launching a new range of Wacky Chocolate. This is a treat for the Kid in You… Super delicious chocolate from Wacky worm. If you still don’t know what or who Wacky is, then watch the video below. ... Read More »